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Why are Gas Swimming Pool Heaters So Popular?

~ Who else wants to extend their swim season? ~
So, some benefits:
instant heat and not dependent on climate
can be used all year round including below freezing
low up-front cost compared to solar and heat pump heaters
good for heating a pool quickly (ideal when a pool is used occasionally)
models which use propane (bottles) or natural gas (piped)
comparatively cheap equipment cost - remember a licenced plumber needs to do gas fitting.
Nothing's perfect so here are a few negatives:
expensive to run (although getting cheaper with improvements in  efficiency)
shorter lifespan than solar or heat pump systems
usually requires annual maintenance
scale can build up over time causing a loss of efficiency.
For some views and recommendations on specific gas swimming pool heaters, you can go straight to the gas heater review page.

Once again, use of a pool cover cuts the amount of heating required by a tremendous amount and should be standard equipment on any pool. The following table will provide a guide to what you can expect a gas pool heater to cost to run depending on your location - figures are included for with and without a pool cover, take note of the difference. Please remember, these figures are an estimation and your situation and use may differ. More up-to-date figures may be available on the EERE website.
Location Season   Required Pool Temp
78⁰F 80⁰F 82⁰F
Miami (no cover) 1/1 - 12/31 $2,136 $2,848 $3,600
with cover $416 $584 $800
Phoenix (no cover) 3/1 - 10/31 $1,384 $1,776 $2,216
with cover $96 $168 $256
Dallas (no cover) 4/1-10/31 $1,512 $1,920 $2,456
with cover $184 $280 $408
Atlanta (no cover) 4/1-10/31 $1,704 $2,248 $2,880
with cover $320 $424 $592
Los Angeles (no cover) 5/1-10/31 $1,864 $2,376 $2,904
with cover $168 $304 $472
Kansas City (no cover) 5/1-10/31 $1,434 $1,872 $2,384
with cover $288 $416 $544
New York (no cover) 5/1-9/30 $1,448 $1,904 $2,384
with cover   $208 $296 $400
Chicago (no cover) 5/1-9/30 $1,621 $2,072 $2,536
with cover $216 $296 $384
Denver (no cover) 5/1-8/31 $1,757 $2,120 $2,498
with cover $123 $168 $243
Boston (no cover) 5/1-8/31 $1,712 $2,096 $2,504
with cover $232 $328 $461
Minneapolis (no cover) 6/1-9/30 $1,331 $1,776 $2,176
with cover $192 $248 $384
San Francisco (no cover) 6/1-8/31 $1,560 $1,856 $2,168
with cover $192 $320 $472
Seattle (no cover) 6/1-8/31 $1,525 $1,784 $2,056
with cover $304 $424 $552
Costs of Outdoor Pool Gas Heating by Location*
*Figures based on a 1,000 square-foot, outdoor pool heated with an 80% efficient natural gas heater at $.50 per therm.
Table courtesy of US Dept of Energy's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy website -
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Currently, gas-fired pool heaters are the most popular. New models are becoming more and more efficient all the time. A major advantage of gas heating is that there is no restriction on use caused by weather conditions. In other words, a gas pool heater can be used all year round.

They use either propane or natural gas with natural being the cheaper option. Gas pool heaters simply circulate water from the pool through a heat exchanger which is heated by burning of the supplied gas.

The life expectancy tends to be lower than other types of pool heater but recent advances in technology are improving their longevity. Typically you can expect at least five years from a gas pool heater.
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