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Swimming Pool Heater Guide
Once you have worked out a rough heating capacity requirement for your pool you are ready to start shopping for one. There are quite a number on the market so how do you make a decision? Here, we will compare some different brands of gas pool heater with similar specifications to see which will best suit your purpose. If you wish, you will be able to click on a link to be taken directly to a sales page for the heater you choose.

The retailers available have been chosen for their range and their reputation. Most offer free or very cheap delivery rates throughout the US.

Heaters will be listed under brand then we'll go through some advantages and disadvantages within the different series they manufacture. Don't forget to check whether you are looking at INPUT or OUTPUT BTU capacity! Remember:


For example, the Hayward Universal H-Series 150K (K=1000) BTU heater is rated at 83% efficiency so we get:

Output BTU = 150,000 x 83/100

= 150,000 x .83

= 124,500 BTU

Another VERY important point is to be very careful about your pool water chemistry. Most pool heater problems can be traced back to corrosion problems which are brought on by an imbalance in the chemicals present in any swimming pool. Pay attention to the manufacturers recommendations and many problems can be avoided. Read the warranty CAREFULLY as most, if not all, will be voided if the water chemistry can be shown to have been out of balance.

Gas Pool Heater Reviews

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